Bible Study Program: 2 Corinthians

Speaker : Edmond Lo
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St. Paul’s Original Journey
Chapter 1:1-1:22
Sep23, 2011
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The reason for changing plans
Chapter 1:23-2:13
Oct28, 2011
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God’s slaves
Chapter 2:14-3:18
Nov25, 2011
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The responsibilities of the Apostles
Chapter 4:1-5:10
Dec16, 2011
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The ministry of reconciliation
Chapter 5:11-6:10
Jan27, 2012
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Relationship with the Church in Corinth
Chapter 6:11-7:16
Feb24, 2012
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Generosity towards Jerusalem
Chapter 8:1-9:15
Mar23, 2012
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Paul defends his ministry
Chapter 10:1-18
Apr27, 2012
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Paul’s boasting
Chapter 11:1-12:13
May25, 2012
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Warning regarding Paul’s 3rd visit
Chapter 12:14-13:13
Jun29, 2012
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