Catechism Revisited Program 2011 – Theology of Body

Speaker : Edmond Lo
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Introduction – Why study sex and marriage?
Sep09, 2011
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God’s original plan for sexuality
Oct14, 2011
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The entrance of shame
Nov11, 2011
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Christ restores God’s plan for sexuality
Dec09, 2011
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This is a great mystery! – Meaning of marriage
Jan13, 2012
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Understanding contraceptives from a medical perspective; the Billings method
Feb10, 2012
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Celibacy and Women Priesthood
Mar09, 2012
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The Joy of Sacramental Sex; the Creighton Method
Apr13, 2012
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Experiencing healing in our sexuality
May11, 2012
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Song of Songs
Jun08, 2012
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